Road trips are my absolute favorite kind of adventure. European people always been fascinated by US road trips, I'm not kidding this is a dream we grew up with. Why? America is so different -  you guys have space, infinite roads and landscapes, driving to the wilderness is a truly visible expression of freedom.

For our upcoming travel adventure we decided to drive from Los Angeles to Seattle and visit the mysterious Pacific North West. What is more exciting than visiting the unknown? With choices such as the Pacific Ocean coastline and neighboring redwood forests, northern California wineries, Columbia River Gorge, Crater Lake, and popular cities - including San Francisco, Portland and Seattle - deciding on points of interest on a road trip from California to Washington may be tough. 

Riley (photographer + graphic designer behind So Voila also full time husband) and I, will be on the road for about a month. We wanted to plan a minimum to make the best of this trip as our activities are going to be very diverse: Backpacking, hiking, exploring cities (you will notice soon enough that we are obsessed with good coffee, wine and antiques).

How to plan? Look at the three essential steps below!  

1. Determining number of nights you will need accommodations. In that case traveling from Los Angeles to Seattle is about 1,130 miles, approximately 25 hours of drive time. Alternate routes and numerous stops can add several days to the trip. I love to use Hotel Tonight for a last minute booking, they have really good discounts. Just be sure to download the app before leaving.


2. Packing! Think about what you are going to need on the road and choose outfits that fit the general weather and environment you'll be traveling through. Don't forget camping and outdoor gears. I personally can't travel without my Keen hiking shoes!  

3. Have a solid budget. Try to use cash as much as possible, fill up your car with gas the day before you leave at the gas station you know has the best deals and also pack a cooler with snacks and water. 

So Voila, ready to go, be sure to follow us live on Instagram and Snapchat (@karenmcbags), see you out there!

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