We started our journey to La Push from the 101 Highway to the 110 leading to La Push via an unique scenic road in the middle of the forest, surrounded by the coastal section of Olympic National Parc. 

I was still in France when I first heard about La Push, the Quileute reservation and the beauty of this region. I remember reading the saga Twilight as so many girls in the world at this time and picturing what it will be like to travel there (oui I have my cheese-y moments too). Ten years later, I've got the chance to discover one of the most majestic part of the Washington coast and it was truly surreal. 

It was a sunny day followed by a huge and bright full moon when we overnight camped at the Second Beach. The walk down the path through the dense forest was very short and peaceful. Once we got on the beach it felt like we were at the end of the world, stunning. 

It is an enchanted place to practice Yoga, meditate or just chill with friends watching the sunset from your camp side. The best place I've been so far to disconnect myself from the world for a minute.   

Beach towel: Vagabond Beach

Tent: REI