I've been born and raised in Provence, the birthplace of the French vineyard. The ancient Greeks brought wines and vines to southern France around 600 BC, when they founded the city of Marseille. In the 2,600 years since, the art and culture of winemaking have become central to the local way of life. To the French, wine is more than just drinking, it's all about tasting and sharing with friends and family! 

Lucky me, I can perpetuate the traditions far away from Provence right here in Malibu, California. So many numerous boutique wineries have taken root in the fertile mountains of Malibu. There is a perfect microclimate in the hills above the coastal fog and excellent weather for growing grapes. 

I tried the tasting room at Malibu Wines and it was delicious and lovely! Picture an entire outdoor, park, where people drink wine, picnic on the grass, listen to live music and enjoy a perfect summer day not far from the busy Los Angeles. You have two tasting options and can also buy bottles. With a cute shop at the entrance and a crowd very boho-chic, this place found the perfect combination to succeed in SoCal. They even offer movie nights, Karaoke, Yoga and Safari tours, le top!

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So voilà, bisous!