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It became a tradition since I moved from Paris to Los Angeles - Always coming back, at least once a year! Many people are surprised when I tell them I left Paris for California, but what would be life without any explorations, change and experiences in different part of the world. Nothing is impossible, so if you dream like me to try different cities, live somewhere else even just for a little period of time, do it.

It can be scary at first, especially if you are alone but once you figure out how to make it happen, the powerful feeling of freedom will become your most delightful success.

Berlin was my first move, alone, and trust me I was terrified when I arrived there. What if I don't make any friends? Don't find a job or internship? That was on repeat on my mind, over and over again until I realized, after months, even years... "look what you accomplished Karen." You realize that this power is within you and trust me, you are the only one who can create the life you desire. Learn, explore, try new languages, blend with the locals, keep your mind and heart open and I swear this journey will become the most memorable one.

I believe home is where you create it,  it isn't only one specific place, it is where you feel comfortable, where you are surrounded by people you love... All these places you will go and invest yourself will become your own home. Happy to share with you new clichés of a part of my home, Paris. 

Shout out to my beautiful friends and fam in the pictures below, won't be where I am today without them.

Bisous and love, Karen.  

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