I spent my winter holidays in the motherland, back to old Europe! My family and I decided to go somewhere special for Christmas and went to the Southern French Alps in the middle of Queyras. Beautiful national park close to the Italian border, ringed by 3,000m peaks. It is France as it used to be: uncrowded, untouristy and welcoming! What a great escape and great way to disconnect after a year in Los Angeles! 

Cherry on top of the cake, we stayed in a Gîte! You probably think “what the hell is that?…let me explain: a gîte is most commonly a rural holiday rental, frequently in a renovated traditional country cottage or barn conversion - in a village or in the countryside! You can find SO many in France and very affordable, check here for more infos:

So oui, our Gîte was a 17th century farm renovated into a little nest of paradise! You can ask my Californian boyfriend, he was amazed… So Voila!