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I always dreamed about the beautiful Californian landscapes, even before getting to know L.A. but I never thought that someday, me the French girl from Southern France, will get married there. I was supposed to only stay a year and a half, which turned into something more permanent once I decided to get married to Riley. 

A French-American marriage is not something easy though. Oui Oui the whole immigration process can be a real nightmare. So when I fell in love with Riley and decided to stay in Los Angeles, I was not really thinking about all the logistics behind. Endless paperworks, money to spend on medical exams and hours spent with our attorney put my feelings on a BIG roller coaster.

Thanks to our amazing lawyer, Sherwin Carballo, the process went quite smoothly. We had our interview 5 months after we got married and got my greencard in the mail a month after that!

I learned to be patient and not discourage myself which definitely made our relationship grow stronger and even more special.  

In the U.S you can pretty much get married anywhere, which I love compare to France where we have way more regulations. So after getting the licence papers at the court house in Los Angeles, we chose to do the ceremony on the beach in Carpinteria.  It is a beautiful little beach town on the Californian coast, just right before Santa Barbara. If you take the PCH direction north from Los Angeles, you can't miss it! This is where my Californian's dream came true, on the beach, the day I said "Oui", pour toujours (forever) to my one and only.

Photographer Tosh Clements

Gown Catherine Deane

Makeup Ashley Gomila

Hair Amanda Riley